Complete Brailler repairs for Perkins and Lavender Braillers

brailler repair

All Star Brailler Repair is the planet's premier facility for the repair of Perkins and Lavender braillers. Extensive experience, a large parts inventory and complete service literature means a turnaround time of three days.

We pride ourselves on prompt, personal service and attention to detail. State agencies, private foundations, schools and individuals all receive the same professional courtesy and service.

The labor charge is $55.00. Return shipping is via USPS Priority Free Matter Insured Mail. The warranty is one year

What happens if the parts cost is high?

If the total of parts and labor will exceed $80.00, All Star will contact the customer before proceeding.

What should I send with the brailler?

We like to get a purchase order number, phone number, email address, name of a contact person and a brief description of the problem.

Is there any better place to get my brailler repaired?


All Star is handily located in the middle of North America. Send your broken braillers, hymns of praise and checks to:

All Star Brailler Repair

1705 Victoria Rd

St. Paul, MN 55118

(651) 343-2505